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How does Pinoy Tiangge works?

How does bidding site like Pinoy Tiangge works?

After registration of your account, the following things will happen:

  1. The item starts at a price of 1 peso
  2. Buy bids or use your free bids
  3. Find an item you like and place a bid
  4. The price of the item goes up by 1 Centavo (0.01 peso)
  5. The timer resets itself to allow other users to place a bid; similar to a physical auction where the host yells: “Going Once, Going Twice… Sold!”
  6. You are now the highest bidder. If you’re on top when the timer runs out, and nobody else places a bid after you, you win the auction!
  7. You pay for the final auction price (e.g. 1.50 = One Peso and Fifty Centavos) including the minimum shipping fee.

For complete information, visit: Pinoy Tiangge: Frequently Asked Questions

General Overview on How to Prevent Account Suspension

Pinoy Tiangge wants everyone to be happy. When you succeed, our powerful team is happy as well because we have provided great service and accomplished our mission. That's why everyday, we are doing our best to improve our service including but not limited to security issues, website functionalities and human support. But there are some rules and regulations that our users must keep in mind and must follow accordingly. Here are some of them:

1.) Make sure you only use "ONE" account only. Not two or more.

2.) Do not register additional account if you already have one. Do not register other people's account, and never use or login other people's account.

3.) Protect your password. We never ask for password except on login. And make sure you are the only one who knows it.

4.) Teamplay is a big "NO" in Pinoy Tiangge. Team play also includes the participation in any societies, groups, forums, or venues (public or private, online or offline, hidden or open) in which users discuss unfair play on Pinoy Tiangge including but not limited to collaboration techniques, offering win assistance, calling items, and any other technique associated with unfair play.

5.) Do not be involved in any Foul Play in any auctions or services of Pinoy Tiangge. Foul Play by definition is unfair or dishonest actions or behavior.

6.) Collusion involvement is a big "NO" in Pinoy Tiangge. Collusion is an agreement between two or more players sometimes illegal and therefore secretive, to limit open competition by deceiving, misleading, or defrauding others of their legal rights, or to obtain an objective forbidden by law typically by defrauding or gaining an unfair advantage. Any agreements between two or more users are strictly prohibited.

7.) Delivery of the item is also subject to the absence of fraud. Any form of cheating or unfair practice including but not limited to team play, credit card fraud, charge-backs, playing under a false identity, and using multiple accounts will result in forfeiture of the win. Furthermore, Pinoy Tiangge reservers the right to delay shipment of any items pending investigation of suspected of mentioned cases.

8.) Intimidation of other players, offline or online, public or private, is not tolerated. Any kind of intimidation is strictly forbidden. This includes but is not limited to comments whether true or false about having an excessive number of bids to discourage other players. Other forbidden tactics include harassing other users through name-calling, threats, and other unsportsmanlike behavior.

9.) If you suspect someone has made the above violations, report it the soonest time possible at

10.) Suspension of account may result in permanent removal access including but not limited to services, deals, auctions made by Pinoy Tiangge. IP Banning will be in effect as well and no further notice is required. Pinoy Tiangge reserves the right to prosecute the user, civilly, or criminally and the errant user shall be liable for any and all damages, actual and consequential, resulting from such breach.

11.) Complete Terms and Conditions can be found here:

How to Win in Pinoy Tiangge - Penny Auction Site in Philippines

Tips on Bidding in Pinoy Tiangge:

1.) Register and and pick a good username (

2.) Buy Bids - A 100 Bid Point/Bundle can give you 100 times chance of getting 99% savings! (

3.) Focus on your item. Losing focus in a split second can end your game.

4.) Keep watch on your budget before bidding. If you think you are already spending more than your budget for the day, STOP! Kuya Pit will be having more auctions in the future so keep watch on it.

5.) Make sure you place your bid before the last 10 seconds. The earlier you place your bid, the higher the chance of winning. NEVER, ever place your bid in less than 5 seconds, if you do, you are now taking chances and not securing your chance of winning.

6.) When you are the highest bidder, the pop-ups appear when you click the second time (if you are still the highest bidder). In this case, the timer stops (but it is running in the background). The pop-up is blocking the update in the timer, so you need to close the pop-up in order to see the latest remaining time. 

7.) Never use software that will automate your bids for you. It is against our Terms and Conditions.

8.) Do not use other people's account. Your logs in every click you made may be used against you for permanent suspension.

9.) Have a fast internet connection. A ping of 50 and below is good. (Check it at While you may have fast internet connection, never download big files while bidding.

10.) For abuse, please report it asap at Your identity and report will remain confidential with us.

Stay tuned for more tips by Kuya Pit! :)

Pinoy Tiangge Winner: sci888 - iBid Pinoy Tiangge - Premiere Penny Auction Site in Philippines

Jhoanna Uyco of Makati also known as Sci888 won an Apple Ipod Shuffle and a Nikon Dslr D3100 in iBid of Pinoyt Tiangge for only ₱2.24 and ₱6.21 respectively!

Links of her win here:

More pictures of winners at:

Pinoy Tiangge Winner: Fortdan023

iBid Pinoy Tiangge - Premiere Penny Auction Site in Philippines

Lets congratulate Fortdan023 for winning iPod Touch worth 24.80 pesos only! Thats an awesome 99% savings! Watch his tips and tricks how to win 99%-off on our exciting items!

Register at for more info!

More pictures of winners at:

iBid Pinoy: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join Pinoy Tiangge and start Bidding?

1. You must be a member of first before you can start joining the auction. So the first step is to register. Registration is very simple and you just need to fill out a form through which you will create a username and password, as well as input some personal information. Once you complete the registration form, make sure you also check your e-Mail and click on the validation link to activate your Pinoy Tiangge account.

2. After activating your account the next step is to purchase some bids. Although you already have 5 free bids upon registrations, getting additional bids will give you more chances to get the item you want without running out of bids at the last minute. Bids come in packs of 20, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2200 and 3200. The price per bid will depend on the bid pack you choose. The more bids you buy, the more discount you get!

3. You can pay for the Bid Points using any Credit Card or Paypal Account and Cashsense (711 and MLuilier). We will be adding more payment options for the bidpacks soon. Keep in mind that having more bids will put you at a competitive advantage against the other members.

4. After purchasing some bids, you can now join the auction! Pick the item you’re interested in and start bidding!

How does Pinoy Tiangge Work?

After you have registered your account and have bought bid packs, you may start bidding on an item that you like in the auction. Once you’ve placed a bid, the following things will happen:

  •     The item starts at a price of 1 peso
  •     The price of the item goes up by 1 Centavo (0.01 peso)
  •     The timer resets itself to allow other users to place a bid; similar to a physical auction where the host yells: “Going Once, Going Twice… Sold!”
  •     Once you’re place the bid, you are the highest bidder. If you’re on top when the timer runs out, and nobody else places a bid after you, you win the auction!

During final count down, why does the timer reset when a user bids?

This is equivalent to the Going once… Twice… SOLD procedure of offline auctions. iBid wants to give each customer a chance to participate in an auction.

What is a countdown timer (15 seconds, 10 seconds, etc)?

A countdown timer is used at the end of an auction’s time limit.

For example, if the auction has a 15 second timer, any time that someone bids before the final countdown 15 seconds until…Going..Going…Gone, the timer will reset to 15 seconds and start counting down again.

If the auction has a 20 second timer, the auction will reset to 20 seconds whenever a new bid is placed before the final countdown.

If I win the auction, what will I do?

Once you’ve won an auction, the next step is to claim and pay for your item. Simply click on the “CLAIM” button and follow the instructions to submit your payment for the auction.As soon as payment has been made, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you and we will start the process to have your item shipped directly to your door.

Auction wins should be claimed and paid for within 72 hours starting from the time the auction ended. As soon as you’ve won an auction, claim and pay for it right away!

Do I need PayPal or a Credit Card?

You can also buy bids and pay for auction items you’ve won with cash thru CashSense (thru 7-11 and M.Lhuillier outlets). We will soon be adding additional payment options to make it easier for you to buy bids.

I’m having problems with 711 and MLuillier, they won’t accept my payment, what do I need to do?

In case of difficulties (or if the cashier is unaware) request cashier:

7-Eleven: to contact ECPay 02-4216032 to 35
MLhuillier: to contact FSD 032-4166550

I’m having difficulty accessing the Pinoy Tiangge section.

To ensure a smooth and hassle-free bidding, we recommend the following:

1. Login and enter the auction before the last 1 minute as most users are already watching and viewing the game. The more users watching and bidding on the last 1 minute, the more you will take time to view the last 30 seconds of the game.

2. Try to double click to make sure your bid counts. Sometimes, there are network delays and latency in ISP of different computers. Don't worry, you will not be deducted twice as there would be notification just in case you are already the highest bidder. In case, which will not happen that you have been deducted twice for clicking twice, let us know so that we can refund your bid points.

3. Do not refresh! You might have less chances of winning the bid.