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Start Up Tips on Opening a Sari-Sari Store

Probably the simplest or the easiest business to venture to is to open a sari-sari store. Starting with, a small space a few inventories of goods and a small cash box and it's good to go. With proper care and planning, business would surely thrive in just a few months. If business is really good, such sari-sari stores can be easily be renovated to be a mini grocery.


With low overhead costing and possible profit of 20% in today's market, a sari-sari store is very feasible. This of course depends on the location and the inventory of products. This is why it is important to do research first by observing the surrounding neighborhood. This can help identify the needs of the people around the potential location of the store. It is basically a Pinoy version of convenience stores. It is an establishment that aims to make it more convenient for people by giving them easy access for things that they might need.