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How to Win in Pinoy Tiangge - Penny Auction Site in Philippines

Tips on Bidding in Pinoy Tiangge:

1.) Register and and pick a good username (

2.) Buy Bids - A 100 Bid Point/Bundle can give you 100 times chance of getting 99% savings! (

3.) Focus on your item. Losing focus in a split second can end your game.

4.) Keep watch on your budget before bidding. If you think you are already spending more than your budget for the day, STOP! Kuya Pit will be having more auctions in the future so keep watch on it.

5.) Make sure you place your bid before the last 10 seconds. The earlier you place your bid, the higher the chance of winning. NEVER, ever place your bid in less than 5 seconds, if you do, you are now taking chances and not securing your chance of winning.

6.) When you are the highest bidder, the pop-ups appear when you click the second time (if you are still the highest bidder). In this case, the timer stops (but it is running in the background). The pop-up is blocking the update in the timer, so you need to close the pop-up in order to see the latest remaining time. 

7.) Never use software that will automate your bids for you. It is against our Terms and Conditions.

8.) Do not use other people's account. Your logs in every click you made may be used against you for permanent suspension.

9.) Have a fast internet connection. A ping of 50 and below is good. (Check it at While you may have fast internet connection, never download big files while bidding.

10.) For abuse, please report it asap at Your identity and report will remain confidential with us.

Stay tuned for more tips by Kuya Pit! :)